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ST-GLOVES Handschoenen
ST-GLOVES HandschoenenST-GLOVES HandschoenenST-GLOVES Handschoenen

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De handschoenen bestaan uit dun fleece materiaal zodat ook mensen met grote handen nog steeds in droogpakhandschoenen passen.

Heated gloves for divers have been developed by our engineers and produced in Poland.

The gloves are made of double layer of fleece. The two layers of fleece are separated by insulated heating fibres. The gloves serve as inner heating — they should be used under top dry clothes.

The gloves are thin and pleasant to touch, you will not feel the heating fibres inside. When flooded the gloves still work, but we recommend to turn them off and dry. When using internal battery we recommend our piezoelectric wireless switch. Allowed values of supply voltage are 11–12 V.

The gloves warm up to 44-45°C (depending on the voltage) and ensure thermal comfort under water.

The gloves typically end with a T-Dean connector — cable is 20 cm long. Upon request they can be also equipped with Santi connector or bare wire for independent assembly.

Complete set includes: heated gloves for divers, power cable Y /2x1m/, bag

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

The product is covered by 24-month guarantee.